AskNicely Brand

AskNicely, a customer experience software company, hired me on as their Senior Graphic Designer. As the only Graphic Designer for the company, I was in charge of the consistency and decisions centered around brand. 

AskNicely built a solid culture around the motto “Live in the Purple,” a representation for their three company pillarsBe Nice, Play to Win, Love Your Feedback. The problem, nobody knew what the AskNicely purple was. This lead to a deeper exploration of the brand as a whole, working closely with AskNicely’s Senior Content Strategist to define the voice and tone, as I matched that to AskNicely’s visual representations.  

Our understanding of purple lies somewhere in between the serenity of blue and the passion of red.

Awareness ∙ Balance ∙ Bravery ∙ Creativity ∙ Focused Thought ∙ Harmony ∙ Magic ∙ Mystery ∙ Peace ∙ Playful ∙ Pure Thought ∙ Royalty ∙ Wealth ∙ Whimsical
Current Purple
Proposed New Purple