RXBAR Product Images

RXBAR is a health food brand owned by Kellogg’s. Their current products consist of protein bars for both adults and kids, nut butters, and oats. They are made with simple ingredients that give you the nutrition you need.

RXBAR needed to display their products in a clean and consistent way across rxbar.com and all of their retail partner sites, such as Amazon and Target.

Over the course of 4 weeks, I worked with the creative team to kick-off the project and gather all of their existing assets and specs. I went through each product type, and every flavor, to create a set of product images for US, UK, and Canada markets. Each set of images consisted of a hero product image, an ingredients image displaying the main flavor of the product as well as the texture of the food, carton packaging, flavor stacks for variety packs, nutritional facts labels, and lifestyle imagery.